Milton Combi – Microwave or Cold Water Steriliser

Cold water steriliser
The Milton Combi Steriliser is a 2 in 1 product that allows for either cold water or microwaving sterilisation.

The Milton Combi Steriliser can hold up to 5 bottles and takes 2 minutes for microwave sterilisation or 15 minutes for cold water sterilisation. The unique safety vent technology increases the temperature within the Combi for better sterilisation.

Milton Combi comes with 30 Milton Antibacterial Tablets and a set of tongs. The Milton Combi is spill-free due to a unique seal on the lid.

Fits most microwaves. Built with a strong handle for portability and safety and is BPA free.

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Note: Milton Anti-bacterial Tablets / Solution are only required with Cold Water Sterilisation. The microwaving method only requires water.

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