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  • Will the Milton Anti-bacterial Solution or Tablets kill Candida albicans, the fungi responsible for thrush?

    All the Milton products will kill Candida albicans (the agent responsible for thrush).

  • How long does Milton take to work?

    Items are ready for use after just 15 minutes of complete immersion in the Milton solution but can be left soaking for up to 24 hours. Items can be added and removed to and from the solution throughout the day as and when they are needed.

  • How long will a bottle stay sterile after being removed from the Milton solution?

    Bottles should be filled immediately after removal from the Milton solution. Teats should be covered.

  • Do you have to rinse bottles and teats before using them?

    After removing from the Milton solution, bottles and teats can be drained and used immediately - no need to rinse.

    The WHO (World Health Organisation) considers that the acceptable level of chlorine for drinking water is at 5 mg/l that 0.5% of the solution. In the Milton sterilising solution (made up either with the Sterilising Fluid or Tablets) there is 0.012% of chlorine which is far less than the level accepted by the WHO. This explains why it is not necessary to rinse. Also there is a risk of contaminating the baby accessories again by rinsing them.

Anti-bacterial Tablets

30 tablets

Key features

  • Expertly developed to sterilise in 15 minutes all baby items using cold water
  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • The Milton cold water method of sterilising has been used by mums and midwives for over 70 years
  • Kill 99.9% of germs
  • Ideal for use at home, travel and overnight stays
  • No need to boil or rinse and no residual taste remains
  • Solution works for 24 hours
  • Use to sterilise all breastfeeding equipment and baby feeding accessories : breast pump parts, baby bottles, soothers, teething rings, small plastic toys, plastic cutlery, weaning bowls
  • Only 2 tablets required to make 4L of antibacterial solution

Where to buy

The Science behind it

Same active ingredient as the one used to make water drinkable.

Anti-germ activity

Kills 99.9% of germs including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Effective on Rotavirus (N°1 cause for gastroenteritis) and MRSA.

Proofs of efficacy to European norms

Bactericidal: in 5 minutes EN1040, in 15 minutes EN1276 including MRSA, in 15minutes EN 14561. Effective on Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Fungicidal:  in 15 minutes EN1650, EN 14562 on Candida albicans (germ responsible for thrush).

Virucidal: in 15 minutes on Poliovirus type 1 and Adenovirus type 5 according to the protocol of  EN14476 + A1 in 1 minute on Coronavirus and in 5 minutes on Rotavirus.

Did you know? EN is the abbreviation for European Norm.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

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